Luxxio’s car grooming services are a great way to get your car looking great after that crazy summer trip, winter ski holiday or just planning on selling the car and getting top dollar.

Our 3 car groom packages meet most people’s needs but we know that every car is different and some need more attention than others so we are happy to provide a free custom quote.

The Luxxio Advantage:

  • Free quotes on vehicles and boats.
  • Please note a surcharge/custom quote may be required for vehicles with excessive dirt.
  • Interior and Exterior only services are custom quoted on inspection.
  • Free assistance with pick up and drop off for those within 5 kms of our workshop. $2/km for any distance over 5kms.
  • Custom requests available, please contact us.
  • All prices include GST.

Basic car groom Deluxe car groom Comprehensive car groom
Exterior Treatment
Interior Treatment
Headlight Restoration
Paint Decontamination
Exterior Hybrid Coating
Leather Defense
Exterior Glass Polish
Interior Seat Shampoo
Price $230 $260 $300
Extras Price
Headlight Restoration & Nano coating $120
Leather Treatment $120
Exterior Glass Polish $60
Interior Seat Shampoo $60
Pencil Paint Touch Up $150
Smell Removal $100
Ceiling Shampoo $60

Exterior Treatment Glass Sticker / New Car Plastic Protection Removal, High-Pressure Water Blast Rinse, Luxury Shampoo Car Wash, Speedy Coating (Super Hydrophobic Polymer Coating), pH Neutral Wheel Clean, Tyres Scrub + Protection Application & Shine, Door Jams & Rubber Seals Clean, Plastic Trim Clean & Shine, Windows Cleaned and Exhaust Pipe Clean

Interior Treatment Covers / Plastic Protection Removal, Full Interior Vacuum (Seats, Floor, Carpets, Dash), Windows & Mirrors Clean, Dash / Console Clean & Shine, Trays / Cupholder / Glove Box Clean + Shine and Dirt / Grease / Sunscreen Mark Removal

Headlight Restoration Remove the top layer of damaged and yellowed plastic via sanding and Machine Polish. Dramatically improves transparency of headlight increasing effective range and brightness.

Paint Decontamination We use a clay cloth to remove bonded contaminants from the exterior paint

Exterior Hybrid Coating Hydrophobic Nano coating that lasts up to 6 months

Leather Defense Luxxio leather protective coating applied to resist against sun damage, increase stain resistance and fade, lasts 6+ months

Leather Treatment Extensive clean of your car’s interior (seats, dash, doors) leather with a protective coating applied, lasts up to 6 months

Exterior Glass Polish Machine polish on all windows to remove all dirt, water spotting, acid rain and restore clarity

Interior Seat Shampoo Interior machine clean with shampoo on seats and carpet

Nano Coating Protects from UV damage for up to 5 years

Pencil Paint Touch Up Touch up stone chips and paint imperfections. This requires a polish before we can apply the touch ups

Smell Removal Ozone treatment removes the smell of smoke and other bad odours from car interior

Ceiling Shampoo Shampoo and clean of the head lining inside the car