• 2006 BMW 116i

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Helpful comments (4)

  • Oct 2019
    Great little car. Spacious and lovely to drive.
    —Susan H - 2006 BMW 116i
  • May 2019
    The fuel economy is very good but it is a very basic model. I am hoping this means there will not be too many issues as there are not to many complicated electronic features as was the case with my previous car.
    —Julia F - 2006 BMW 116i VERY TIDY & LOW MILEAGE
  • May 2018
    I wanted a small hatch, and I love BMWs. Very happy with it.
    —Delon W - 2006 BMW 116I
  • Mar 2018
    Good for city driving. Others may want a more powerful car for out of town driving.
    —NEW OPP LIMITED - 2006 BMW 116i