• 2006 BMW 320i

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Helpful comments (15)

  • Mar 2020
    Cool car I love it
    —Cruz F - 2006 BMW 320i M SPORTS
  • Mar 2020
    its a beautiful car, excellent to drive
    —Owen W - 2006 BMW 320i #TradeInSpecial
  • Jan 2020
    All my research showed the BMW was instead a good buy, and we'll priced and presented
    —Stuart S - 2006 BMW 320i Touring
  • Nov 2019
    Really awesome I love driving bmw.
    —Purav P - 2006 BMW 320i 4DR SEDAN 2.0L AUTO
  • Sep 2019
    An amazing car Really comfortable
    —DAVID V - 2006 BMW 320I Sports Stunning
  • Aug 2019
    Happy with my car it’s the car I always wanted.
    —Alysha F - 2006 BMW 320i Touring wagon
  • Jul 2019
    Im absolutley in love with my bmw 320 sport and ive never driven anything that feel nicer, at $11000 at 40000 ks im stoked
    —Riley S - 2006 BMW 320i M SPORT
  • Mar 2019
    That the 2006 BMW 320i is that it is something that I really like because it actually uses the money of fuel that I put in usefully, because it is worth using my money to pay for gas unlike my other car.
    —Palatavake T - 2006 BMW 320i Low Kms! Excelent Condition!
  • Jan 2019
    Excellent driving feel safe
    —PAULA W - 2006 BMW 320i
  • Oct 2018
    My very first BMW i have owned must say very impressed should have tried it long time ago
    —Elgersion F - 2006 BMW 320I
  • Aug 2018
    Car works fine and looks good
  • Jul 2018
    Vehicle was presented was at a high quality.
    —GT Cars - 2006 BMW 320 i
  • May 2018
    BMW 320i is the budget machine for car lovers. Style performance and fuel economy wise very superb car.
    —Dhaval D - 2006 BMW 320i
  • Mar 2018
    This car is very smooth to drive. Have to remember everything is on the opposite side, like the indicator's, wipers etc but other than that beautiful car.
    —Loretta J - 2006 BMW 320i
  • Oct 2017
    It is good for me to drive
    —Balkrishna S - 2006 BMW 320 i