• 2006 BMW 335i

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  • Nov 2019
    Moving into a BMW sports car was a new experience for me. Definitely recommend researching the car before buying to understand key things to be aware of regarding reliability etc. Confirm its status on its entertainment features. If you are buying in the hopes it had maps or reverse cam capability check this can be cheaply updated. With the 2006-2008 models not cheap and the best update you can get is up to 2014. With most euros definitely recommend you purchase an extended warranty with it.
    —Daniel W - 2006 BMW 335i
  • Aug 2019
    Great car. Love it.
    —Robert T - 2006 BMW 335i
  • Feb 2019
    Very fast and very comfortable
    —David M - 2006 BMW 335I 3.0L TWIN TURBO
  • Jul 2018
    Do you want a cheap supercar? Well this it.
    —James B - 2006 BMW 335i