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  • Aug 2020
    Great car runs so smooth
    —Wayne W - 2009 Volkswagen GOLF GTI, TSW ALLOYS
  • Aug 2020
    Exactly what my partner and I need for starting our family good space safe but still sporty and great Value
    —Benjamin D - 2009 Volkswagen GOLF GTI DCC Leather
  • Aug 2020
    Performs well with excellent fuel economy..
    —Robert G - 2009 Volkswagen GOLF 1.4TSi Comfort-Line LOW KS!!
  • Aug 2020
    The golf is very nice to drive, comfortable and has lots of great features.
    —Venessa H - 2009 Volkswagen Golf GTI
  • Jul 2020
    Love my VW!
    —Robyn S - 2009 Volkswagen Golf TSI Trend Line
  • Jul 2020
    love this car would recommend to anyone
    —Gareth M - 2009 Volkswagen Golf GTi
  • Jul 2020
    Personally I love Volkswagen’s. People may not like that it is European so indicators.. and what not are opposite. Also parts may be more expensive as it is euro. I don’t mind I love my car, worth every cent.
    —Mia H - 2009 Volkswagen Golf 1.4 TSi
  • Jun 2020
    Comfortable ride, economicial, and love the heated seats.
    —Bradly W - 2009 Volkswagen GOLF GT TSi 1.4L LEATHER!! 12 AIRBAGS!!
  • Mar 2020
    Super zippy yet economical. Drives really well on the open road, has sport mode, and also feels very safe when driving in wet conditions (esp helps with this). Nice safety features, and I like that the wing mirror automatically tilts downward when parallel parking. Auto window wipers and lights, and plenty of boot space for a hatchback. Take one for a test drive and you won’t look back :)
    —Erica M - 2009 Volkswagen Golf
  • Mar 2020
    Super reliable if serviced regularly
    —KNOX PODIATRY LIMITED - 2009 Volkswagen Golf TSI Comfort Line
  • Mar 2020
    Very good
    —Andrew T - 2009 VW Golf 6 GTi 2.0T 6-DSG
  • Feb 2020
    Great European car, especially on the 1.4 litre engine, fuel consumption is still very high
    —Norman M - 2009 Volkswagen GOLF
  • Feb 2020
    Awesome car, highly recommendable.
    —Jason R - 2009 Volkswagen GOLF GTI BLACKOUT GOOD KMS
  • Feb 2020
    Great little car. Fun to drive.
    —Craig H - 2009 Volkswagen Golf GTI Pirelli
  • Feb 2020
    I love this car. It's so nippy. Goes really well and is super economical. It looks great too
    —Elaine C - 2009 VW Golf TSI Comfort Line
  • Jan 2020
    I absolutely love my VW Golf, it's great.
    —Robyn S - 2009 Volkswagen GOLF 1.4 TSI Highline 118KW
  • Jan 2020
    Definately spacious for a small family and easy to get around in. impressed with purchase
    —Dean S - 2009 Volkswagen Golf GTi
  • Dec 2019
    Really wonderful car to drive and very surprised by the power from this 2ltr turbo! Interior has plenty of room for four people.
    —Zhan E - 2009 Volkswagen Golf GTi / Leather Seats / 18 Genuine Alloys
  • Dec 2019
    Great mid size station wagon, and is very nice to drive. Rear seats fold completely flat, which is good for storage.
    —Stuart S - 2009 Volkswagen Golf TSI
  • Dec 2019
    Amazing car! Love driving it!
    —Shaun D - 2009 Volkswagen GOLF GTI TURBO
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